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Teeth Whitening 

Having yellow teeth can seriously dent your confidence, so our teeth whitening procedure can help you to regain your bright smile and your confidence. Our laser teeth whitening treatment can improve the look of your teeth in a matter of hours. Visit our Newmains practice to speak to our team of specialists to find out how you can regain the whiteness of your teeth and improve your smile.

Only £149!


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain which is made to fit over the surface of the tooth. They act in a similar way to fake fingernails, protecting and covering the surface underneath. Veneers can be used to improve the shape, colour and position of your teeth. If you have a tooth which has become discoloured (whether gradually over time or due to a dead nerve), a veneer can help to improve it’s appearance. A veneers can also help to make a chipped tooth look whole again.


Dentures are removable replacement teeth that are designed to make it easier for you to eat and speak. Whether you require partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth or a completely new set of teeth, Newmains dental practice has the experience and skill required to carry out the procedure safely and efficiently.

Good dentures can provide support and comfort for years, provided that they are fitted correctly. At Newmains dental practice, our team of cosmetic dentists will ensure that your dentures are fitted securely.


Having a broken tooth can seriously affect your confidence and smile. Crowns are the perfect way to replace a broken tooth without having to undergo complicated and expensive procedures.

The cap is permanently inserted onto the tooth to protect it from any further damage, which will also match the look of the rest of the tooth. Crowns won’t just improve the appearance of your teeth, they can also help the long-term health of your teeth. If you’ve recently had a root canal you may notice that your teeth are slightly weakened, which could stop the need for the tooth to be removed.


Dental bridges are the perfect solution if you have a large gap or missing tooth in your mouth. They’re similar to crowns as they can be easily fitted onto existing teeth to bridge any gaps that need to be covered, without any invasive procedure required.

The bridge is permanently fitted onto healthy teeth on either side of the gap, which fills the empty space and prevents other teeth from growing into the gap.


Missing a tooth can be an embarrassing and painful experience, which is why we always recommend an implant to replace the missing tooth. Our implants are strong and secure, which ensures that they won’t fall out or become loose. Implants look and feel like real teeth, making them the perfect choice for anyone who has lost a tooth. We ensure that the implant matches the look and colour of your surrounding teeth, to make sure that it doesn’t stand out and looks as natural as possible.



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